The Retreat HOA Information

August 2022 Update regarding Trash Pickup

Welcome to the Villas at the Retreat!
We hope you are enjoying your new home at The Links at Gettysburg. The Villas neighborhood continues to grow and there is information about the community that we wish to share with you to help you settle in quickly.

1. Villas at the Retreat Homeowners Association (HOA)
The Villas Homeowners Association has an elected Executive Board charged with management oversight of the HOA Budget, and compliance of all homeowners with the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of our community. Your Welcome Packet will provide additional information on how to contact the current Executive Board.

2. The Links Master Homeowners Association (HOA)
The Master Association includes representatives from all The Links Communities and is charged with management oversight of the Master Association budget for maintenance and upkeep of the Common Areas and Community Amenities. The Villas has representation on the Master HOA.

3. Payment of HOA Fees
Your Welcome Packet will have initial information about how to pay the Villas and Master Association HOA fees. Monthly HOA fees in the amount of $165 per month are due on the first of each month. A late fee of $10 will be assessed for any fees past due 60 days. This fee will be repeated for each subsequent month of delinquency. You will not receive monthly invoices for the Villas HOA. Many residents have a bank bill payer service automatically issue a check each month through e-banking, and some residents pre-pay their HOA fees a year at a time.

The Master Association fees are paid annually. The Master association billing is done at the beginning of each year and you will receive an invoice. The annual fees include the Master Association Fee, currently at $385 annually and the Community Amenities Fee of $300 annually. These fees are also subject to a late fee of $10 per month.
The Links development is also subject to the Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) annual fee of $1500 payable to Mt. Joy Township to retire bonds that were issued by Mt. Joy to cover financing of streets, storm water drainage systems, street and courtyard lighting, common area landscaping, and various other elements of the Links Planned Growth Community. You can find additional information about the NID in the Public Offering Statement you received at settlement. Currently, homeowners at the Villas at the Retreat are not yet paying the annual NID fee. You will be notified by Mt. Joy Township when this fee becomes due.

4. Community Rules and Regulations
At settlement you should have received the Public Offering Statement For the Villas at the Retreat which contains the Villas Declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations, the Master Association Declaration and Bylaws, and other legal documentation. There is a lot of good information in this Statement, and we encourage you to become familiar with it and to ensure all residents, guests, and tenants in your household are aware of and abide by these rules. A copy of this documentation can be found on our website at

5. Community Center, Pool, and Fitness Room
New homeowners are provided with an Access Card for each resident to use to access the Community Center, Pool, and Fitness Room. Your Welcome Packet will have information about how to acquire your Access Cards for your family. Pool Rules and Regulations are distributed to the community from the Community Center Operating Committee (CCOC) at the start of the summer pool season. Residents are responsible for ensuring that all family members and guests abide by the pool rules.

The Community Center is available for private rental at a nominal cost. Use of the Community Center for community only events is free. Further information may be found on under Community Center and Pool.

6. Architectural Review Committee
If you wish to make any changes or improvements to the exterior of your home or property, there are specific Architectural Review guidelines for the Villas. A summary of the guidelines and the form to be submitted to the Villas Architectural Review Committee can be found on the website. Note that in your Public Offering Statement there is a Chart of Maintenance Responsibilities that summarizes the responsibilities of both the homeowner and of the Homeowners Association. This is a useful summary of the division of responsibilities.

7. Trash and Recycling

Waste Connections will be the new vendor servicing our community performing trash and recycle curbside pickup effective Monday, August 15, 2022.  Trash pickup will occur weekly and recycle will occur bi-weekly.   Trash/recycle must be put out by 8 AM (see below restrictions).  Note:  Waste Connections will not be providing any containers for either trash or recycling services.
Trash – Each home is able to set out up to 5 – 30 gallon trash bags per week.
All garbage and trash must be disposed of in a proper manner consistent with all applicable regulations of Mount Joy Township and any other governmental entity with jurisdiction over the Property. No garbage or trash or containers therefor shall be visible from the exteriors of the Units except on that day of the week designated for the collection and removal of garbage and trash on the evening prior to that day. No trash or trash containers may be placed or otherwise stored on any exterior part of a Unit or in any Common Elements or Limited Common Elements. Trash and recycling containers may not be placed curbside before dusk on the day immediately before the designated pick-up day and must be removed by the end of the designated pick-up day.
Recycle – Homeowners may place recycle materials in perfectly clear, not tinted grey or white, bags. If homeowners wish to use a recycle container, they are to be marked with recycling and should be 32 gallons or less.  Please review the attached recycling guidelines on what items are acceptable and how to prepare recyclables.


8. Lawn Service
Brightview Landscaping is under contract with the HOA to provide weekly mowing and
landscaping services during the summer season. Also included is periodic mulching, fertilizing, weed control application, pruning of trees and bushes, and leaf collection. These services apply to front yards and beds only. Any planting beds to the side or rear of your property are not maintained under the HOA contract. However, Brightview can provide you a separate service contract at an additional personal cost for those areas. If you have any issues with the service, please inform the Villas point of contact.

9. Snow Removal
Snow is currently removed at the Villas by the Links Grounds Team after more than 2 inches of snow falls. Walkways and driveways are pre-treated as needed with ice control prior to predicted precipitation. All roadways are to remain clear of parked vehicles so that brine application and snow removal can occur.

10. Community Notifications
The Links Community Directory of Homeowners and a Recommended Local Service Providers list is updated and distributed periodically to all homeowners. You will receive information in your Welcome Packet with instructions on how to be added to the distribution list. The Community Directory is also used to email periodic information of interest to the whole community.

11. Newspapers

Many of your neighbors receive The Washington Post, the Gettysburg Times, and other areas newspapers. Some folks have had trouble getting service started, so be persistent.

12. Newspaper Recycling
Many of your neighbors recycle newspapers for benefit of the local Boy Scouts. Newspapers are to be bundled in paper bags or with twine, and glossy ads and inserts may be included. You will receive an email with instructions on where and when the monthly collections take place.

13. Parking
As a courtesy to your neighbors, please only park in your driveway or garage. Our courtyards and roads are very narrow and are not conducive to street parking. Do not block your neighbor’s driveway or the roadway. Do not park on your neighbor’s grass or on the common area grass islands as they can quickly turn to mud pits. If you are having multiple visitors to your home, please encourage them to park in the large lot behind the Retreat Condo building.

14. Pets
Pets must be accompanied by an individual and maintained on a leash at all times. Please read the Rules and Regulation for all pet related issues.

15. Social Activities
Our community is very active socially and we encourage you to participate. A current list of Social Groups is located on this website. In addition, there is a weekly happy hour each Friday at the Red Rock Grill in the Links Pro Shop starting at 5:00pm and offering dinner & drink specials. This is a great way to get to meet your neighbors at The Links.

16. Community Website and Calendar
The Links HOA’s maintain a homeowner website and community calendar located at The above is just a summary of some of the Rules and Regulations and does not replace the official notice in the Public Offering Statement. I encourage you to read this document for additional information on topics such as noise, draperies and curtains visible from the exterior of your home, fences, awnings, decks, storage, pets, etc. I know this is a lot to digest so please don’t hesitate to call any of the HOA members if you have any questions.

Welcome to the Links.

Please access the below links for useful information below.  Thank you!

The Villas at the Retreat Homeowners Association

The Links at Gettysburg Master Association


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Villas Chart of Maintenance Responsibilities

Villas Architectural Guidelines 2017

Villas Architecture Review Application Form  June 2023

Villas at The Retreat Public Offering Statement

First Amendment to the Villas Public Offering Statement

Second Amendment to Villas Public Offering Statement

Third Amendment to the Villas Public Offering Statement

Fourth Amendment to the Villas Public Offering Statement

Declaration of Reciprocal Easements

Tips for Navigating the Public Offering Statement for the Villas at the Retreat