Garrison Falls HOA Information

                                            WELCOME TO GARRISON FALLS!

As new homeowners, the Garrison Falls Homeowner’s Association would like to extend a sincere welcome to you on behalf of the community with the hope that you will find the information helpful and ease your adjustment to the community. At the bottom of this page, we have posted the Garrison Falls Architectural Guidelines document, please take some time to review it.

  1. Garrison Falls Homeowners Association Executive Board. The four members of the Executive Board each serve a 3-year rotating term, with an annual election in October for the expiring term. Current members of the board are: Mark Crutchfield, President, Bruce Earle, Vice President; and John Kravitz, Treasurer and Mary Thompson, recording secretary. Their phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses are available in the Links Community Directory. The Garrison Falls Community Annual meeting is held annually, in October. Garrison Falls HOA Executive Board meetings are held monthly.
  2. Monthly HOA dues cover the costs for lawncare and irrigation, front flower bed
    maintenance, trash collection, snow removal (including driveways and front walks), street lighting, street repairs, fire hydrant rental, and administrative expenses. Current dues are $195 per month, due on the first of each month. Residents may pay up to a year in advance, The HOA does not issue invoices for dues. Payments must be mailed (by you or your bank) to Garrison Falls HOA, 200 Clubhouse Dr., Box 3, Gettysburg, PA 17325.
  3. Curbside trash collection is Monday each week. Trash should be placed at the curb by 8:00 AM. All trash must be in bags or cans. The crew is not required to pick up anything not bagged. The community also maintains a recycling program.  Recycling should be placed in clear bags and are collected along with trash pickup on Mondays, every other week.   
  4. The community currently recycles cardboard, paper, glass, and plastic. Please refer to the Recycling Guidelines on this web page. Of particular note: cardboard boxes must be broken down; food containers must be cleaned of all food; and Styrofoam is not recyclable.
  5. You can also recycle newspapers, magazines, shredded paper, and junk mail through a program that benefits the Boy Scouts. These items must be bagged or securely bundled. Monthly pickup at a Links home is managed by Frank Negro. A monthly email announces the date and location for the pickup.
  6. Any alterations to the exterior of your home or yard are subject to the Architectural Review Guidelines for our community. The members of the Architectural Review Committee are: Pat Adair, Kathy Comfort, Bob Elhers, Bill Epley, Georgette Gut, and Mary Thompson(Facilitator). The members’ contact information is available in the Links Community Directory, and a copy of the guidelines is available on the HOA web page.
  7. There are various emails sent to the community to keep us in touch with community events and notices. There is a long tradition of maintaining a centralized email and phone list that is available only within the community. While it is perfectly acceptable for you to opt out of participation, the list is the main way for you to receive notice of important information. The email distribution list is maintained by Jerry Wright, and you can send out community-wide emails by sending them to Stu Kravits for distribution. Stu also maintains and distributes a Recommended Service Providers list wherein residents can share information about tradespeople who provided exemplary service.
  8. There is a Happy Hour on Fridays at the Red Rock Grill at the Pro Shop starting at 5:00pm. Please note that the happy hour is not every Friday, however, the Red Rock Grill advises the community when there is one.  This is a great way to get to meet some of your neighbors at The Links, and there are dinner & drink specials. Occasionally there will be special events for the community such as a Holiday dinner dance, Mother’s Day Brunch, etc.  Information about Happy Hour and other events is available at
  9. Finally, one crucial, and maybe the most important, source of information for you is your neighbor. We found Garrison Falls to be a very welcoming community with existing residents ready, willing, and able to help. Don’t hesitate to ask around if you have a question.

                                            Mark, Bruce, John and Mary


Social Groups within The Links Community

To contact any of the below individuals, please refer to The Links Community directory sheet emailed to you regularly. Thank you.

  1. Chair Yoga (Co-Ed) Mondays, 2 p.m. at the CC. (Brenda Insalaco) (resumes in April)
  2. Ladies Book Club at the CC at 10 a.m. on the fourth Wednesday of every month. (Claudia Clark)
  3. Ladies BUNCO Group: call organizer for more details. (Colleen Arrighi)
  4. Ladies Mahjong Group on Tuesdays, 2-4 p.m. (Sandy Negro)
  5. Ladies Luncheons scheduled periodically and notified through email (Julie Muenzfeld)
  6. Ladies Workout Classes (varied) at the CC every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9-10:00 a.m.(Bernadette Kesselman)
  7. Ladies Yoga Class at the CC Fridays, 10:30 a.m. (Brenda Insalaco) (resumes in April)
  8. Links Billiards Club – Resumes play in January 2024 (Gil Clark)
  9. Links Cyclists on Tuesdays & Sundays, 10 a.m. at the Community Center (Michelle Apple)
  10. Men’s Breakfast monthly at a local restaurant, startup pending. (Stu Kravits)
  11. Men’s Cigar Club monthly, usually Thursday 7-9 p.m. on patio outside the Pro Shop. (Joe Hunter)
  12. Men’s Yoga Class at the CC Fridays, 9:00 a.m. (Brenda Insalaco) (resumes in April)
  13. Pickleball on Tuesday and Thursday, 9 a.m. at the Tennis Court (Brenda Insalaco) (resumes in April)
  14. Produce Gardens takes place in the warmer months. (Bruce Bradshaw)
  15. Social Activities Committee schedules events throughout the year. (Sal Ferlisi)
  16. Wine Club at the CC, on Saturday afternoon, once a quarter. (Mary and Jerry Wright)

Garrison Falls HOA Architectural Guidelines 2021

Recycling Guidelines