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The Courtyards at the Links at Gettysburg

Dear New Homeowner:

Welcome to our neighborhood and congratulations on the purchase of your home!

On behalf of the Courtyards at the Links at Gettysburg Homeowners Association (HOA) Board of Directors (Board) and the other homeowners of the Courtyards at the Links at Gettysburg, we would like to welcome you to your new home and our community. Over the coming months we look forward to meeting you whether it be walking down the streets, at the pool, or at one of the many community activities organized by your neighbors.

The operation of your homeowners association is governed by a board of volunteer directors. The Board of Directors is elected by the community to oversee the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the Association. The Board is also responsible for maintaining members’ compliance with the established covenants, bylaws, and rules and regulations of the Association. You should have received a
copy of the Public Offering Statement (POS) for The Courtyards at the Links at Gettysburg during your home purchase process. The POS should contain the aforementioned documents and outlines specific provisions regarding what can and cannot be done on your property. Please take some time to read through these documents. Copies of all these documents are also available on our community web site.

The Courtyards at the Links at Gettysburg is part of a larger community of homeowner associations clustered around The Links at Gettysburg. The larger community is commonly referred to as “The Master” association. The larger community’s web site can be found at From that Home Page you will find various areas of interest such as individual HOA’s (Courtyards, Garrison Falls, Villas at the Retreat, The Retreat Condominium, and Cumberland Crossing) as well as Links Community Social Events, Community Center and Pool, volunteer committee information, etc. Further, within Individual HOA’s you will find HOA specific information regarding bylaws, rules and regulations, architectural guidelines and approval request forms, and other pertinent information. Please take a few minutes to visit and familiarize yourself with this valuable resource. The web site provides ready answers to most homeowner questions. If you don’t find the information you need there, the Board of Directors can be contacted via email at

We ask you to please provide your contact information, e.g. email address, phone number, etc. so we can update the neighborhood directory with your information and so that we may include you in our email distribution system used to notify all our neighbors of time-sensitive news, important events or other information that may be interest to you.

The Courtyards HOA Board does not contract with a property management company. Please contact the Board – – for service issues on community property, complaints regarding specific bylaw violations and for any questions regarding your annual homeowners’ dues assessment.

As a new homeowner, you may already have some ideas on how you’d like to improve your property. Please keep in mind, the Association has an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) to help maintain the quality of our neighborhood. Its function is to evaluate the plans for all exterior landscaping, repairs and remodeling (such as painting, decks, fences, trees and bushes, replacement roofs, etc.) to ensure
compliance with the POS. The purpose of this review is to protect our scenic environment and maintain the value of our homes. Before any alterations, additions, or repairs to the exterior of your property or before any resident places objects in yards, an ARC request must be submitted for approval. If work is started without prior approval, the homeowner risks being cited for a covenant violation and may be required to alter or remove the changes at significant additional cost. The ARC request form can be found on the community web site.

Information on some of the questions many new homeowners have is included with this Welcome Letter to get you off to a smooth start.

Again, welcome to the Courtyards at the Links at Gettysburg community! We look forward to you falling in love with this neighborhood as much as we have. We know you’ll find our neighborhood is a great place to live and we encourage your participation in our activities and functions.


Courtyards at the Links at Gettysburg Homeowners Association Board
Russ Arrighi
Dan McCusker
Frank Negro

Courtyards HOA Welcome letter 2021
The Links at Gettysburg POS Overview
Courtyards Rights and Responsibilities
Courtyards Rules and Regulations
Courtyards-ACH-form1                                                                                                      HOA Snow Policy 2016
Reserve Fund Policy
Late Fees
Radon mitigation
Recycling Guidelines

Useful Links:
Courtyards Meeting Minutes
Revised Rules and Regulations

Courtyards Public Offering Statement Files

1_Public Offering Statement

2_Plats and Plans



5_Rules and Regulations

6_Projected Operating Budget


8_Agreement of Purchase

9_Management Agreement

10_Open Space Declaration

Courtyards Public Offering Statement Combined Searchable

Combined Chapters_1

1st Amendment Courtyards POS Declaration July 2003 – Convertible Real Estate

2nd Amendment Courtyards POS Declaration Dec 2004 – Convertible Real Estate

3rd Amendment Courtyards POS Declaration Sept 2005 – Convertible Real Estate

4th Amendment Courtyards POS Declaration June 2020 – Solar panels

5th Amendment Courtyards POS Declaration December 2020 – Siding